Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Limits for Moving/ AM's Q's

Am, I am SOOO happy for you and that you are headed to the UK!! Be patient with me as I try to get you more information and to answer your questions. There is an attorney that was in our office who moved to Mildenhall over the summer.

In regards to your moving questions. As a 1st LT, you will be allotted 12,500lbs w/out Dependants and 13,500lbs with Dependants. Which means the Air Force will pay up to that number of poundage to be moved. If your total house goods way more than that then you would need to ship them abroad on your own dime or store it at a friends house for 3 years ;) As a family of 4 we didn't even come close to 13,000lbs!! Because you are moving abroad you cannot do a DITY move, the AF has to move you.
When moving overseas the AF will pay to ship ONE vehicle, which is not included in your pound allotment.

I have heard several people say they leave a lot of their electronics and kitchen items that plug in, behind in storage when they move overseas because they use a different plug system, wattage or something to that effect over there. Like if you try to plug in your hair dryer it will explode unless you buy special adapters for every single item you plug in. U.S. stuff isn't compatible over there. I wish I had more knowledge on this but I don't. I do know my friend when she headed over there was able to buy a toaster, hair dryer, blender, etc for dirt cheap b/c everyone that goes there needs it and then at the base thrift store people leave it there when they're ready to come back to the States.

I would suggest that as soon as you get orders to have your stuff shipped overseas. It will take roughly 3 months for your goods to be shipped overseas. The AF can load your stuff up from a storage unit, but you will have to be present and they will unbox EVERYTHING and then re pack it. Silly I know, but they are reliable for the items so that is their protocol.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November is THE month

It has been too long and I am sorry. November is here and that means this is THE month we find out where we will be stationed next. Let me back up a little.

There is a new T JAG and he decides how things are ran. Well for the past, recent years it has been fairly standard that new JAG's stay at their first base for 2 years (if they are state side). All JAG's after their first assignment move in the summer months. So obviously if you come in October to your first base, you'll leave in the summer months and not quite be at your first base for 2 full years, same if you get to your new base in say, March, you'll be there for a little more than 2 years, get it?

Well the new TJAG is moving toward keeping new JAG's at their first assignment for 3 years. Years ago it use to be like that but new TJAG's can change protocols if they please. We've been under the impression since we first arrived here that summer 2011 would be our move date to our second assignment. Not anymore. Now there is word that we may be staying an entire year more. They did ask us if we cared and we said we didn't have a preference. BUT November is THE month. We should find out in a matter of days, weeks, where we'll be heading this summer or if we will be here another year. We are still keeping our fingers crossed for overseas...cross them with us!!