Sunday, February 26, 2012

Change in Dental Provider

I don't know much about it...yet. Apparantly Tri Care has changed their provider from United Concordia to MetLife, effective May 2012. Here is a link

Are there many JAG spouses who are male?

I don't have a great answer for this because I have only been at two bases. This is what little information I can share to maybe give you some insight.

Out of the two bases I have personally met roughly 35 JAG's. Out of that number, eight were female. Only four of those female JAG's were married. I, however, only met two of their spouses and that was on a single occurence. Five of the eight had husbands that also worked in the Air Force.

UPDATE: I wanted to add what a female JAG commented (for those who don't read the comments!) Thank you so much and if there are any other readers who have knowledge to share, please do! I always welcome more information/opinions to publish for others to read. More prospective, the better.

--I'm currently a female married JAG. All of the female JAGs in my office (there are roughly 4 active duty) are married. Some have active duty husbands, and some don't. I met quite a few married female JAGs at my JASOC. While we are by no means the majority, there are more JAG husbands out there than you might think!--