Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Going to COT & JASOC with your spouse

This is a message from a wife who went to Alabama with her husband. Thanks for sharing.

My husband just finished JASOC and we were able to find an apartment nearby that offered a short/flexible lease. We were really lucky and fortunate, actually.

And for anyone who is as unaware as I was, you actually get reimbursed (at a later time) a small amount of money each day (that really adds up by the end of the month) for rent (since my husband didn't stay in the "extended stay/hotel room" on base during JASOC) and it covered our stay so my children and I could live with my husband while he was in JASOC. This is not including BAH.

May sound confusing but I think the key is asking questions. If you want to make it happen during JASOC, it's possible. It just seems like a lot of that information isn't readily available so it's not always easy.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Question: Moving to Alabama with my husband during JASOC while pregnant

Someone asked if they can move to Alabama with their husband while he attends JASOC.

Short answer: You can but it will be at your own expense to get there. You can still receive BAH but you will not be reimbursed for your travel expenses. He will be busy and will not be allowed to take time off. The person asking this question is expected to deliver their 3rd baby while her spouse is at JASOC so I can see why she'd want to go. I could see him being allowed to miss a day, maybe two for the delivery but it's not a guarantee. When at JASOC they are not allowed to take leave days generally. So it would be a gamble. Consider going somewhere that you have family so they can help with the other two kids and you while you deliver and recover. Otherwise, you're potentially going to be in Alabama alone without much help. This would be worse case scenario. On the flip side, you could go and he may be allowed to take time off and be present for the delivery which we all want for our babies and selves understandably.  Good luck and keep us posted!

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Oh my is this update long overdue! Jeremy has officially been off active duty since September 2014. We settled in Northern California where he opened his own law practice. His practice focuses mostly on Estate Planning as well as Business Law.

But....we haven't completely left the Air Force! Jeremy has joined the Air Force JAG Reserves. This was quite the long process as well. He didn't immediately decide to join the reserves when he initially separated from Active Duty because we weren't sure where exactly we were going to settle. That was important because you need to request a specific base to be attached to as a reservist. Once we got settled (about a year and half later) he began the process to be in the reserves. It took 9 months! You think I would know by now how slow the military can move at times but honestly we didn't think it would take that long. However, I am very grateful he got accepted because each base only takes so many reservists and ours just happen to have an opening.

The perks are great, especially since Jeremy is self-employed running his own practice. The health insurance is awesome, not a 100% like Active Duty, but we can't complain! Because he sets his own schedule it's been easy to fulfill his reservist duties as well.

Honestly, I loved the military life. It's still crazy for me to think that I was once adamantly opposed of him joining the Air Force. It was the BEST four years!! When we felt prompted to get out that was super tough but had to rely on our faith and trust that God had a greater plan for us. As usual, God is always right. Just like He was when He told me the Air Force was His will for our family and would bring us great joy; He has also been right about the need to separate from what we loved in Sept. 2014. His plan for us was to take all that we learned and carry it with us to another stopping point on our journey in life. We are surrounded by family right now and exactly where we need to be. Life is good!