Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Going to COT & JASOC with your spouse

This is a message from a wife who went to Alabama with her husband. Thanks for sharing.

My husband just finished JASOC and we were able to find an apartment nearby that offered a short/flexible lease. We were really lucky and fortunate, actually.

And for anyone who is as unaware as I was, you actually get reimbursed (at a later time) a small amount of money each day (that really adds up by the end of the month) for rent (since my husband didn't stay in the "extended stay/hotel room" on base during JASOC) and it covered our stay so my children and I could live with my husband while he was in JASOC. This is not including BAH.

May sound confusing but I think the key is asking questions. If you want to make it happen during JASOC, it's possible. It just seems like a lot of that information isn't readily available so it's not always easy.

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