Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes, Sir.

Even though I'm not the military member, I am still required to respect rank. It's the unspoken rule. Our husbands are judged by what we do and say...lame. I know Colonel's have earned their rank and generally speaking I respect that but not one's that use their position of power to belittle.

Last week, I had to visit the Orthodontist to discuss treatment for my daughter. I felt completely demeaned by this Colonel, as if I was a nobody. As a result I got a little testy, called him out a couple times. After being lectured and thrown jabs here and there for a half an hour, he finally "suggested" I call my husband and have him join us. Great. I get to be demeaned all over again. Maybe he felt if my husband were there I would act different. He could demand respect from J, not me.

Oddly when J arrived the Colonel put on a "happy" act. He was completely different!! It was weird. Don't really know what to think about it but it sucked.