Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! It was a great, white one for us. It was our first away from extended family but it turned out to seriously be one of the best we've had. I think this had to do with the fact that our entire married life, up to his point, Top Gun has had a whole month off during the holidays (b/c he's been a student). Which means we were accustomed to having him home all day to ourselves that on Christmas it wasn't anything extra special to just hang out at our house. By the time our kids would open presents we were ictching to go to my mom's or his parents house and meet up with our siblings and "play". Not to mention the huge, yummy feast we would all enjoy together! BUT, seeing that he now works and the weekends are full of one of us coming and going or doing family weekend vaca's, there hasn't been much down time as a family. Which is precisely what made this Christmas wonderful.
He did work half day Christmas Eve. I assumed he'd have the entire day off but don't ever assume anything is a lesson you'd think I would learn by now in the AF. Only the second half of the day is considered a federal holiday. He had Christmas off and they gave him today, the following Monday off too. He gets Thursday and Friday of this week off as well. So even though it's not a month, I think these 4 days will be more fully enjoyed and relaxing. So far it's been some pure, much needed family time without too much madness!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Gun Pins Captain

Top Gun pinned Captain a few weeks ago. YAY!!!! When attorney's enter COT they are 1st LT. Six months from the date they start with the AF they automatically pin Captain (there has been times due to paperwork or whatever else that it hasn't been exactly 6 months but generally speaking you can plan on it at 6 mths). It means a lot more to them than us. As far as a spouse's stand point it means he gets paid more money...roughly $500 a month more!! Anyway, if you are at your base when he pins Captain you are expected to host some kind of mini reception in his honor. They'll gather the entire office for the ceremony which last like 15 minutes and then sometime afterward you're suppose to have some kind of gathering (which includes food) to celebrate. We did appetizers and cake. Another Captain in his office took people out for drinks and order appetizers at a restaurant for everyone. Another bought party subs from subway and fed everyone at his house one afternoon. Really you can do whatever but just know you are suppose to do "something."