Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Years Ago

As I look at the date I am reminded that just two years ago we started this journey. September was when J finally met up with us in Texas and he began his career as a JAG in the legal office. I had a new little baby and two other children. There were many new adjustments. New to the military, new to Texas, new Mom of 3, new friends, new career. It feels like it was longer than two years ago and I can't decide if that is good or bad!

Today is one of those days that I am so GRATEFUL to be living here in Germany. It's fall, the leaves are turning, the weather is a cool high 60's, and the sun is shining. Life is exactly where it is meant to be.

J is working hard at work, enjoying what he does. He really enjoys military justice but this has back fired a little. My 8 yr. old asked how old you have to be to go to court. I asked if she meant as the one in trouble. Then I realized that she thinks her Dad just works with "people who are in trouble" all day!! This led to a semi-lengthy discussion on all the work Daddy does for those "people who are good" too. Kids are funny!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shipping Your Car Overseas

I finally posted about shipping your car overseas. But since I started that post in May it's located under the May 2011 posts. Sorry about that!

Friday, September 23, 2011


J and I went to Paris for one blissful day without children. Paris is everything I dreamt of. On this day I kept thinking how J has made 2 very important dreams of mine come true. I've always wanted to be married and have a happy family, plus see the world. I kept thinking how if it wasn't for the military, it's very unlikely that I would even be in Germany now or ever! This pondering made me very grateful to be an Air Force family. I can't believe I was so against J joining the military at one point, when now, I am exactly where I want to be. Funny how that happens.

Vacation...mostly Free...Thanks Air Force!

Last week we went to Garmisch. There is a great Army Resort, Edelweiss there. No matter what military branch you serve for, you can still take advantage of what all the branches offer. J had a conference that was held at Edelweiss for the entire week. Which means, the AF paid for his gas, lodging and food. Reminder these are called TDY's. What I LOVE about TDY's are that as a family we can totally tag along and is costs us nearly nothing. J gets so much allotted for food each day, so he ate cheaply and we used some of the money for our food. Plus at this resort kids under 5 ate free. Needless to say we had a FANTASTIC week. The girls and I went to the lake one day, visited 2 different castles, went swimming, hiking, bobsledding and more. J got out no later than 4:30 each day and then we would go explore the area even more.

Obviously, you can't go to all TDY's with your spouse because kids have school, it may be too far for your family to drive too and the JAG has to fly, etc. But either way it is a way to make a little extra cash. J went TDY a few times when we were in Texas. If he chose to drive we would make money on gas and rarely could he ever use the full amount of money allotted for food each day.

Plus TDY's are a great time for the JAG's to meet other JAG throughout the military and discuss what's happening in their specific offices. At this particular conference there were JAG from Army and Air Force. I met a gal and her 3 children whose husband was an Army JAG that was doing the conference too. Our kids ended up playing together whenever we went to the pool and I got to chat with her.

Which reminded me why I am grateful J chose the Air Force. It is only for one reason and that is the deployment. Her husband has been in 9 years, part of that was as a Reservist but he has already been deployed twice and for roughly 1 year each time. It has been hard on her kids, more so when they were older than younger because they understand more. I never thought about that! I thought it would be easier if your kids were older. Which brought me to this conclusion about deployment:

Easier on kids if they are young, harder on Mom when they are young

Harder on kids when they are older, easier on Mom when they are older