Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SOS = 8 weeks of My Man Gone

SOS is an 8 week course held in Montgomery, Alabama. Not everyone gets selected to go so your spouse may never have to complete it in residence (meaning attend the course in Alabama). Everyone has to complete it in correspondence though, which basically means via computer. For the Enlisted side having taken SOS in residence looks really good and will help them promote quicker. For Officer's it looks good but isn't essential. It definitely won't hurt you if you haven't completed SOS in residence. SOS is a course on the Air Force, it's mission, and leadership training. If you ask me, most days it sounds like the t.v. show Survivor! They complete missions, obstacle courses, team building games and the like. J is enjoying the break but he's ready to get home and start work again (or maybe he says that so I don't think he's having such a great time!).

J has been gone for 5 1/2 weeks now. I miss him terribly. Not simply because he's a STUD and I can't get enough of him as is, but because he's thousands of miles away and we can't talk on the phone often due to the time difference. Deployments and TDY's will happen, be prepared. 8 weeks is a long time and no matter how many spouses you meet in the military that say, "Ah, that's nothing," because their spouses may have deployed for 6+ months and laugh at your measly few weeks; it's STILL A LONG TIME. Sometimes all you need is to feel validated. I am grateful it's only 8 weeks (haha, you know you've been in the military long enough if you say only!) It hasn't been bad except for the missing his physical touch and presence in our lives. Always having people around you that have endured longer keeps you from complaining. Luckily I have great friends who are compassionate, always asking if I need anything. Which I don't but the fact that they care makes all the difference.

Keeping busy is such a blessing. The girls and I went on a 7 day cruise with friends and are headed on another week long vacation in 2 weeks. We'll get home the same day J does. Hey, J specifically told me he didn't want me sitting around all summer doing nothing! I know how to listen to My Man!