Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SOS = 8 weeks of My Man Gone

SOS is an 8 week course held in Montgomery, Alabama. Not everyone gets selected to go so your spouse may never have to complete it in residence (meaning attend the course in Alabama). Everyone has to complete it in correspondence though, which basically means via computer. For the Enlisted side having taken SOS in residence looks really good and will help them promote quicker. For Officer's it looks good but isn't essential. It definitely won't hurt you if you haven't completed SOS in residence. SOS is a course on the Air Force, it's mission, and leadership training. If you ask me, most days it sounds like the t.v. show Survivor! They complete missions, obstacle courses, team building games and the like. J is enjoying the break but he's ready to get home and start work again (or maybe he says that so I don't think he's having such a great time!).

J has been gone for 5 1/2 weeks now. I miss him terribly. Not simply because he's a STUD and I can't get enough of him as is, but because he's thousands of miles away and we can't talk on the phone often due to the time difference. Deployments and TDY's will happen, be prepared. 8 weeks is a long time and no matter how many spouses you meet in the military that say, "Ah, that's nothing," because their spouses may have deployed for 6+ months and laugh at your measly few weeks; it's STILL A LONG TIME. Sometimes all you need is to feel validated. I am grateful it's only 8 weeks (haha, you know you've been in the military long enough if you say only!) It hasn't been bad except for the missing his physical touch and presence in our lives. Always having people around you that have endured longer keeps you from complaining. Luckily I have great friends who are compassionate, always asking if I need anything. Which I don't but the fact that they care makes all the difference.

Keeping busy is such a blessing. The girls and I went on a 7 day cruise with friends and are headed on another week long vacation in 2 weeks. We'll get home the same day J does. Hey, J specifically told me he didn't want me sitting around all summer doing nothing! I know how to listen to My Man!


  1. This post says it all! My husband just began his career with the AF and so he just completed COT. Those 4 1/2 weeks were rough but then we got to visit him for a week before starting JSOC. Now we are facing 9 weeks of separation. Yuck. It's nice to know others know what you are going through.

    And just to let you know I met your husband during our week visit with my husband in Montgomery! My husband introduced me to him at church. We had both been readin your blog the moment he got accepted by the AF and so after meeting your husband one Sunday he quickly figured out he was "J". Thanks for writing this blog. And hopefully one day our paths will cross.

  2. Hello Christy! Yes, J told me he met you. How fun you were able to go to Alabama with your hubby, even if it was for only a week. I'm sure our paths will cross! LDS and in the military both equal small world.

  3. Hi, I recently discovered your blog. My husband is a JAG officer for the MI-NG. He's been in for about 8 months now. We absolutely love it!
    I hope you don't mind me asking you a question here in the comments, as I have no idea on how to email you my question.
    He's going to JAG school/training really soon. I'm trying to make plans for when he's gone.
    I am wondering about Phase 2 graduation. Did you attend? I was told if I could only make it to one of the graduations (Phase 2 or Phase 3), to make it Phase 2 because it's apparently a huge deal. I can't seem to figure out what the dress code is. I know the JAG's are in their ASUs but what should I wear? I'm guessing a step up from church dress, but not to the point of formal. Thoughts?

  4. Hi Hope! Since your husband is National Guard it sounds like he may be doing his JAG training with the Army. If that's the case then I'm not sure about the Phase 1,2, or 3 graduations. The Amry does things different than the Air Force. Regarding clothes though; I say wear something nice but not over the top. I have been to events when the Memebers are in their service dress and spouses are wearing a range of clothes from church dress, nice slacks, to formals all at the same event. I think a nice church like dress is always a safe outfit to lean toward.

  5. Thanks for your blog and all the great information it provides. I wondered if you could tell me anything about how the process works for selecting your first assignment. In other words, I understand they provide a couple of options, but I am wondering when I will get the options and how much time they give you to make your choice.
    I have been accepted into the AF JAG from the last April board. I just had my physical about 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting for the results from the physical (which I understand will be slower than usual because I will need a waiver), but I am just trying to get an idea of what happens from here.
    I was originally told by Mr. Goodman that the goal was for me to start in the October COT class, but it seems it might be getting too late for me to make it into that class. My wife and I are still unsure whether I should accept the JAG position (I have been practicing in UT for a year and have a pretty good job now), but we are leaning heavily towards accepting and we are anxious and excited to find any new information we can. Thanks again for your blog, it has been wonderful to read.

    1. I am so sorry I haven't responded to this question. Between being horribly sick and pregnant and a computer that keeps crashing I've neglected this blog. So did you make the Oct COT class? Our situation I feel was unique but were given 2 options of base assignments and had to decide over a weekend which base we wanted. Then and only then were we locked in to the JAG position. Where are you now in the process?

    2. Thanks for the response. I hope you have started to feel better.

      Turns out we didn't make the Oct. COT class and right now I have been pushed back to January. I am still waiting to find out if I will receive a waiver for a finger I broke a few years ago that no longer bends like it should. At my initial MEPS examination the doctor didn't think it would be an issue, but the waiver authority requested an additional evaluation, so I had it looked at again a couple weeks ago and I am just waiting for the results.

      My wife and I were okay with (actually happy for) the switch from Oct COT to the January class. It will give me some time to wrap up the projects I am working on with my current job. We are anxious, though, to find out what the future holds.

      Thanks again for the response.

  6. I would be shocked if they didn't medically clear you. FYI Mr.Goodman gave us at least 3 different estimated COT start times. We too had to wait longer than most on Medical Clearance. It was over the holiday months which things naturally move slower during that time. Be grateful you have a job and I would hold onto until Mr.Goodman has sent you orders for your specific COT class and you have everything in order to be cleared to start. In fact, I'd wait til you got your assignment, then it's offical. :)

  7. Hi,

    I was given a waiver for my finger, and just got a call for a base assignment. Do you happen to know anything about Little Rock, AFB?

    Also, in case you weren't aware of the changes, they now only provide one (instead of two) option for first base assignment. Also, I guess their policy now is to only give you 24 hours to decide. Thought there may be some others reading your blog who are interested to know that.

    Anyway, if you happen to have any information about Little Rock AFB that would be nice. Thanks

  8. I don't know anything about Little Rock and neither does my husband. I'm sorry! Did you accept the assignment?? Have your wife join the AF JAG Spouse page on Facebook. Then she can post saying you will be arriving to Little Rock and then a spouse will contact her. People on there seem very helpful.