Friday, June 7, 2013

Girl #4 is here!

On April 27th our 4th girl made her arrival. All is well and I am doing better than ever. This is the first child I have had on the military's dime and I must say I was impressed. Living in Germany I had the choice to have the baby at a German hospital or the military hospital, both would be 100% paid for. I chose the military hospital and am glad I did. The only downside was that at 24 hours I checked out of there. Usually I like to stay for 48 hours. I left because there was one bathroom  with 3 toilets and 1 shower to share among all the patients. I had to wheel my baby down to the bathroom with me whenever I needed to use it. There was no nursery so the baby had to stay with you at all times.

You don't get much individualized care at your weekly checkups unless you choose to see the same doctor or mid wife at each appointment (Yes, the Air Force has mid wives!). Seeing that there were a dozen doctor's I tried to see a different one as much as I could so that on delivery day I didn't have one I never met, which is exactly what happened. You get whoever is on duty. It was completely fine though because he did a fabulous job and I was extremely pleased with the whole experience.

As far as whether J is getting out of the's looking more and more like YES. Now the question is when? I'll save that for another post when I find some time between nursing, changing yet another diaper, and snagging a few minutes of sleep!

Friday, April 12, 2013

J's 4 years are up

This winter marked the darkest number of days in Germany in over 60 years according to Yahoo News :) I believe it. We have made the best of it and took some weekend trips to cities nearby. I'm glad Germany has finally allowed spring to show up.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and expecting our 4th little girl anytime now. I'm not eager for this little ones arrival. Life has been busy and I feel like I have much to do before she makes her debut. To add to my stresses J has thrown me a complete curve ball!

In May J's commitment will be up. He'll have served in the Air Force for 4 years. We can sign up for another 2 years in May and get a $20,000 bonus. OR, he could not resign but continue to work for the JAG through next summer when we're set to PSC (move) and then get out of the AF. OR, we could wait til next summer to accept an assignment to PSC to a new base but then we would gain another 2 year commitment and have forfeited the $20,000 bonus. If we want the bonus we have to say yes, NOW. Even if we say we want to stay in for 2 more years next summer we would have lost out on the bonus.

As of 4 months ago J and I both told people our "plan" was to make a career in the Air Force. J enjoys everything he does at work. There is not one good reason he can give as to why he is feeling like maybe he should get out but yet the feeling persists. When we talk about the pros and cons the only thing we can come up with is, if he were to get out he could specialize in a specific area and we wouldn't have to move around so often. Except, the moving around part we also view as a pro, at least I do. I like seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures etc.

So it's decision time. I am grateful for prayer. It was prayer that changed my heart over 4 years ago from NOT wanting J to be a JAG to desiring no other job BUT the JAG. I have LOVED every minute and have been the HAPPIEST I have ever been in my life these past 4 years! With that said, I know the Lord has a plan for my family and if He tells us there is another path for us then we'll follow it because we trust Him.

It is scary because J has ZERO prospects. He hasn't been job hunting and we live overseas which makes that process even more difficult.

Maybe we won't get out of the Air Force (I'm crossing my fingers that we won't ;). Maybe these feelings J's having are just the natural course one takes when it's time to make a ponder other possibilities. We will see.