Friday, January 28, 2011

It won't be easy... leave all my friends here in Texas. As a JAG family we will move alot. This could be a good thing if we are in a place we hate (which I don't see ever happening for us b/c we always try to make the best of everything) but it could happen I suppose. I LOVE my friends here and Germany is sooooo far away! I am having one of those days where I am trying to enjoy every second a little more because I won't have these wonderful people to be with much longer. I know when I move I will make new friends and new bonds will develop but it is sad to think that the people I am surrounded by now will just become memories. Do you ever wonder how you can be so close to people and then in a matter of a few years hardly talk to them? I know life moves on, new friendships, new priorities arise. Distance plays a big role too. There will be those few that stay life long friends but overall these thoughts are making me sad today. Tomorrow is my birthday! Tonight we are going to dinner with 5 other couples and then playing charades at a friends house! It will be bitter sweet.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is Dining Out?

Dining out is a traditional, formal event after completion/graduation of COT and there's another one after JASCO. I did not attend. I had zero interest in flying to Alabama on my own dime. Top Gun said there were some spouses there and all he remembers of the events was that there was a luncheon for spouses one day. Not very helpful huh? He didn't really pay attention to what the events were. Sorry, I can't be of more help. I remember receiving emails and letters in the mail inviting me to COT graduation so look out for those and it should give you more information as to what will happen the week leading up to graduation. I do remember Top Gun giving them my email address right when he arrived at COT so they could contact me with information about graduation weeks' festivities.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dining Out at the end of COT and JASCO

Hi Eileen!

Do you mean what is the dress for you or for your husband? Your husband (if he's not going to the May COT class) will wear Servicemen Dress. It is soooooo stinking expensive and they don't wear it much. You could say it is equivalent to a tuxedo. They will wear it to any formal military event, including Dining Out.

Top Gun went to COT in the summer (May's COT) with all the "gonna be" doctors. That COT class didn't have to purchase the Servicemen Dress because they figure after medical school all the doctors would not fit in it by the time they actually started working in the Air Force. Which only meant Top Gun got to wait a few more weeks before he had to purchase it while he was at JASCO.

As to what you should wear, well it is a formal event. Usually that means a long dress but if you have an elegant short dress I would say that would be fine too. Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING!