Monday, May 14, 2012

JAG hiring board

In one of the most recent JAG hiring boards they had over 700 applicants to review. Out of those 700 the board only hired 25. In the last board to meet the hiring number was greater, which is a good sign. Either way, it's an extremely competitive time to get accepted right now. Try to stay optimistic. For those that recently got accepted...welcome to a grand new adventure!!

Do I have to wait for bar results before they can start the Medical Clearance process?

You can reference my post in November of 2009 regarding the timeline of getting started with the JAG core. J couldn't start the Medical Clearance until he had passed the bar. If I remember correctly, pretty much once they accepted him, contingent on him passing the bar, there wasn't a single thing further we could do but wait.

UPDATE: Looks like you can now be medically cleared before receiving your bar results.