Thursday, October 27, 2011

How many times do potential JAG's apply before getting accepted?

Iverson Family,

I will ask around tomorrow at our office Halloween Party but I would say nowadays that unless you are an exceptional, top law school graduate "impressee", then you may have to interview/apply more than once. I say that simple because the AF let go of JAG's last summer because the retention rate is high due to the economy. Their usual rate of JAG's that get out on their own isn't happening. More and more are staying in because their options on the outside aren't too good. The AF has also cut back on the number of new JAG's they hire each year. When you interview your application goes into a pool along side others applying. A board then ranks each candidate and the top our accepted. You can ask to have your application forwarded to the next board if you are passed over the first time. The AF cut back on the number of boards that meet each year, thus accepting less attorney's. This combination does not make me surprised that 5 out of the 6 had to interview more than once. But atlas, I will update this post after I ask around!!!

Length of each assignment


To answer your question, we were stationed in Texas for 2 years, technically a couple months short of 2 years. There is a new TJAG, whom word is that he is looking into extending SOME first assignment JAG's to 3 years instead of 2. Each new TJAG (The head TJAG in Washington) has the right to change the standard. The past TJAG had first assignment JAG's pcsing roughly at 2 years. Depending on what month you joined the AF and considering all JAG's generally PSC in the summer months, this will determine how long you are at your first base.

UNLESS you are overseas and with dependents, your assignment will be 3 years. If you are a single JAG then it can be a 2 year assignment overseas. Most JAG's I have met have moved every 2 years, even the JAG's that are Major's and above. With the exception of those that became an Area Defense Council, ADC after serving 2 years at one base and then serving another 1-2 years as ADC at the same base. This is considered 2 assignments however, even though they stay at the same base.