Thursday, October 27, 2011

Length of each assignment


To answer your question, we were stationed in Texas for 2 years, technically a couple months short of 2 years. There is a new TJAG, whom word is that he is looking into extending SOME first assignment JAG's to 3 years instead of 2. Each new TJAG (The head TJAG in Washington) has the right to change the standard. The past TJAG had first assignment JAG's pcsing roughly at 2 years. Depending on what month you joined the AF and considering all JAG's generally PSC in the summer months, this will determine how long you are at your first base.

UNLESS you are overseas and with dependents, your assignment will be 3 years. If you are a single JAG then it can be a 2 year assignment overseas. Most JAG's I have met have moved every 2 years, even the JAG's that are Major's and above. With the exception of those that became an Area Defense Council, ADC after serving 2 years at one base and then serving another 1-2 years as ADC at the same base. This is considered 2 assignments however, even though they stay at the same base.

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