Monday, May 14, 2012

JAG hiring board

In one of the most recent JAG hiring boards they had over 700 applicants to review. Out of those 700 the board only hired 25. In the last board to meet the hiring number was greater, which is a good sign. Either way, it's an extremely competitive time to get accepted right now. Try to stay optimistic. For those that recently got accepted...welcome to a grand new adventure!!


  1. I have just read your entire blog today.

    Last night my husband, who will be finishing law school at BYU in April of 2013, and I were talking about what the heck we were going to do after law school. He has been doing internships in Government work from his first year, first as a clerk for a judge in Utah and his second summer as a prosecutor for Mesa, Arizona City office. He loves doing the work he is doing now and would love to do this work after law school. There are just two problems, 1. He does not get his results from taking the bar that he takes in July 2013 until October 2013, and City Prosecutor Offices will not even consider you until you have you Bar results, and 2. Those jobs are few are far between in this economy. Which means we could wait all that time and he could still not have a job for knows how long.

    Yes he could do something else, but I really want him to be happy where he is. He is one of those people that gets a job and that is it for him. He likes to stay with something once he is in it. And I want him happy.

    So the subject of JAG came up. It has come up a few times since we began the law school experience. His dad use to be a pilot for the Air Force and has talked to us at almost every family gathering about JAG. It would be his dream if we did that.

    But as we were talking about it this time, for the first time since talking about jobs and what to do after law school, I finally felt at peace with the whole situation. I have felt sick about everything else we have talked about, but this just feels right. I also strongly believe in personal revelation and I felt like I was being told this is the path that we are suppose to be on.

    That said, I want to thank you for your AMAZING blog. I have been so lost on what this all would mean for me and my kids, and your blog has been very nice to read about the experience from your eyes. Also it is nice to know that you are LDS. I wanted to know about the church side of all of this as well and you have touched on it. I just have a few questions with this.

    What are the Wards like with the Bases? Are they just worked into a Ward or do they have their own Wards? Also did you find the Wards you have been in to be really welcoming to the military families or is it like a "well you will be leaving soon so why should I get to know you?" type of situation?

    Also my husband's mother is from Holland and he would defiantly want to live in Europe if it was possible, How is the Church over there? Was it a hard thing to get use to? Did you have to go to a German ward or was there and English ward to go to?

    Just a few questions that we need to consider before we start this whole process. We want to have as much info as we can before we do a fast about it. Thanks so much for all the info you have provided and for answering my questions!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I'm not a remotely good writer but that's not what this blog is about. It's simply about getting information out there and it's comments like yours that make the time spent worth it!
    I will answer your questions and in the past I have had a few LDS women just email me on the side but if it's ok with you I'm going to publish my response to the blog. J left yesterday and will be gone for 2 months so give me a couple days and I will answer your questions.

  3. Ok great. If you would like to email me separate that is totally fine too. My email is If it is ok I would like to have you email me too just so I can keep in contact just for any questions we might have and just to have a confidant though out these next few months.

  4. I also have some more questions for you.

    Do you need to wait to have your results back from the bar to start your training? Can my husband do his officer's training before getting the results back or would he have to wait for the official results to be in before he would be allowed to train?

  5. He will need to have his bar results before he can start training. Once they accept him, the AF pretty much won't do anything else with him until he passes the bar. I will just email you answers to your Ward question instead of posting about it.

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  7. I know that I have asked a lot of questions but I was just wondering what you all did between the bar test and when your husband went to officer's training. Did he get another job or did you all just live on savings? Just wondering because it will be next October at the very earliest that we will be able to start this whole experience. I am just wondering if maybe we should both think about getting jobs until that time. What did you guys do?

  8. Thanks for the sweet comment but I thought I would delete it b/c it had your email address :)