Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Gun Pins Captain

Top Gun pinned Captain a few weeks ago. YAY!!!! When attorney's enter COT they are 1st LT. Six months from the date they start with the AF they automatically pin Captain (there has been times due to paperwork or whatever else that it hasn't been exactly 6 months but generally speaking you can plan on it at 6 mths). It means a lot more to them than us. As far as a spouse's stand point it means he gets paid more money...roughly $500 a month more!! Anyway, if you are at your base when he pins Captain you are expected to host some kind of mini reception in his honor. They'll gather the entire office for the ceremony which last like 15 minutes and then sometime afterward you're suppose to have some kind of gathering (which includes food) to celebrate. We did appetizers and cake. Another Captain in his office took people out for drinks and order appetizers at a restaurant for everyone. Another bought party subs from subway and fed everyone at his house one afternoon. Really you can do whatever but just know you are suppose to do "something."

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