Sunday, February 26, 2012

Change in Dental Provider

I don't know much about it...yet. Apparantly Tri Care has changed their provider from United Concordia to MetLife, effective May 2012. Here is a link


  1. If it weren't for your awesome blog we would seriously have ZERO info on this job. I am not even sure they have told my husband the pay. It was through your link that we found that out. Is there someone, somewhere we should be looking to get all of our info? Like the moving details, when and where to sign up for insurance, who to contact for base living, ect? Right now we are just waiting to tell them Bar results. Will all this info be given to us at some point? We have had the job since December and unfortunately we know nothing! Thank goodness for your blog :)

  2. Once you inform them that you passed the bar more information will start coming to you. J had to ask his recruiter a lot of questions because they weren't good about just giving us information we needed. But for now sit tight and wait for them to "officially" hire you (that is by passing the bar). At that point you'll hopefully get 2 options of bases to choose from and then you can search for those bases website's for information on base housing etc. When you get your choices let me know and I can tell you if we know anything about those bases.