Wednesday, January 13, 2010

He loves what he's doing

One thing that makes me happy is that Top Gun loves what he is doing. He enjoys going to work, he enjoys the variety of work that is placed in front of him, and he enjoys the people he works with. The thing with JAG's is that every 2 years they are moving stations and so are the other people in the office. Which means every summer half of the attorney's in the office are leaving. Which also means that you move up in Seniority and are given more responsibilities, more difficult cases etc, very quickly, relatively speaking. It can take years to be in a court room with big firm jobs when it was literally a matter of weeks when Top Gun was presenting closing arguments in front of a judge. (Something that was and still is completely out of his comfort zone. He is an introvert by nature.) This summer he'll have been a JAG for only one year yet he will be in charge of so much more come then b/c he will be the third in Seniority out of like 10 JAG's in the office. The experience he is/will be getting is priceless. Whether we are in the military for the long haul or short term what he is being exposed to is obviously benefiting him professionally but very much so on a personal level as well.


  1. Dear jag wife,
    It's been a long while since i've had a chance to check in, but a few weeks before Christmas my husband got a call that said he's been selected to continue with the process. He had had an offer with a firm that had been patient enough to wait for him to find out about JAG. As we've decided to continue with JAG he had to tell the Firm he wasn't going to take their offer last Friday. This means that although we won't know where they are sending us (My husband takes the Bar this summer), we're in many ways already locked in. It feels a bit like we're jumping off a cliff into the unknown, but it's also very exciting. To continue with the metaphor, your blog reminds me of the parachute- I have heard of a close camaraderie in the military, especially among families and wives and I'm excited for the adventures and relationships to come.

    Thanks so much for doing this blog, for answering questions, and writing honestly. I know that my husband will be so happy doing the JAG work for all the reasons you mentioned in this post and that makes this much easier.

    Thanks again, and keep writing friend!

    P.S. His medical exam is scheduled for next week... Do you know if it's just normal blood pressure, heart rate stuff, or do they also have him run/do sit ups/pull ups that kind of stuff?

  2. No running or pull ups. They are just checking his medical history and making sure he's current with his vaccines and of course doing blood tests, heart rate etc, etc. If he's a large guy they'll measure his waist and check his BMI etc also. Good luck!!

  3. I'm so glad to read that your husband loves what he is doing! I know military life will be difficult, but I really want my husband to enjoy what he does. He's been miserable thus far in the corporate law world. :(

    Looks like he is still a go for March COT! He spoke to someone yesterday who said he should get his orders by the beginning of next week. How did you all handle the moving process? Did you have the military move you or did you do it yourself? Was it all pretty organized and easy? I'm a little nervous about our stuff making it down to Florida in one piece!


  4. I read all of your posts, as we are thinking of Air Force JAG. I don't have any questions because you answered them all previously : )

  5. My husband recently received confirmation that he will be in the may COT course, and that he will finish JASOC on September 12. (There is a three week break between the end of COT and the start of JASOC). He will be informed the first week of March as to where he will be stationed. I'm wondering if you know whether we (me and the kids) will be able to make arrangements to move to his permanent duty station before the end of JASOC. Since he will already know where he will be going, will we (the kids and I) be able to move out there ahead of his JASOC graduation? The main concern is that school starts in mid August, and we hope to get the kids enrolled by then. If, however, we have to wait until he finishes JASOC, then we will have to start them where we are now, and then pull them out a few weeks later. Thanks for any help you can provide. Also, thanks for writing this blog. We've been reading it for months and always look forward to your new postings.