Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Malea--Officer age cutoff

Hey Malea! I am glad you found my blog. We have been so busy I feel like I am slacking in my updates. Thanks for your comment. Because there are only 3 boards meeting a year I would definitely say the selection process will be even more competitive. Due to military cuts they have been limiting the number of JAG's. The one thing I wanted to say was that there is an age cutoff as to when someone can join the Air Force as an Officer. Once you pass the age of 35 you are no longer eligible to become an Officer in the Air Force. I am not saying that your husband is over 35 but if he did go on a mission for 2 years and has been out of law school for 5 something tells me he may be close to 35???? Anyway, I thought if you've been toying with the idea for 2 years it may be time to decide if it is something you really want to do or not before the option eliminates itself due to his age.


  1. :) Yes you are right. We thought it was if you were 35 or under. Hmm. Do you know if the Army and the Navy are the same? We'll check it out too, but maybe you have more insider info. :)

    Thanks so much for responding so quickly!

  2. It is 35 or under you are correct. So if he is 35 then you are still good to join. I will ask Top Gun if Army and Navy are the same.

  3. My husband is applying for Jag this coming fall. We graduate from TTU May 2012. Do you know with cutbacks, if they are still incorporating the 65,000 to pay back your student loans? My husband finally convinced me to go Jag, so I hope all those incentives remain :)

    Thanks for all the helpful info!!