Friday, July 15, 2011

Pit stop in Baltimore...then Germany here we come!

We have been on vacation here in California for the last week and a half. Tomorrow we fly out to Baltimore where we will stay for a couple days before we take our final flight to Germany!! We wanted to break up our long flight from CA to Baltimore to Germany so we planned to arrive a couple days early in Baltimore to rest up and do some sight seeing in D.C. When PCSing overseas the military will reimburse one hotel nights stay at the port you are flying out of. Meaning you could fly in a day early, get a hotel and catch the final flight the next day. Good info to know.

Also, as long as your flight from wherever you are taking vacation from before you PCS is cheaper than what it would cost the military to fly you from your losing base to your new base, they will reimburse you. Let me explain better.

It would have cost the government roughly $600 to fly one of us from Texas to Baltimore. We purchased with our own money one way tickets to California which will not be reimbursed. But then we found tickets from Cali to Baltimore for only $250. Because it was less than $600 the government will reimburse for those tickets that will get us to Baltimore.


  1. Random JASOC question, I know you said kids are not allowed, so I can only assume the same is true for dogs? I would like to be able to attend with my husband, but I can't leave our dogs with our in laws for two months.

  2. It's not that you can't take your kids with you, it's that you would have to rent a place off base. Kids just can' t stay on base in the dorms where the JAGs stay. I would strongly assume no pets in the dorms but you and your husband could try to stay off base in a place that would allow pets.

  3. Oh ok that make sense. Thank you!

    How is the move to Germany going? I would love to hear about the process. Did you guys ask to go abroad? We are REALLY REALLY hoping for an overseas assignment.