Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Jeremy seperated from the Air Force earlier than his commitment date...

In May 2009 Jeremy signed a 4 year commitment putting his service member date to May 2013. He served his first 2 years at Sheppard AFB in Texas. Then by accepting an assignment at Ramstein, Germany AFB, he added on another year because oversees assignments are for 3 years if you have dependents. (If no spouse and kids, it's 2 years)

He didn't remember/realize/know that this was the case and thought he could simply not sign up for 2 more years come May 2013 and we could be done and go back home to the good ole' USA in May!

It wasn't until May 2013 that he remembered/realized/discovered that his commitment was extended and we were set to be at Germany regardless until July 2014. SHOCKING! He had already told his SJA that he was planning on separating and would be leaving sometime that summer (2013). The office was already in motion and planning on not having Jeremy around.

This was confusing for Jeremy because he had felt strongly that the time was NOW to get out of the Air Force. He wasn't too excited about having to wait a whole year. He remembered a fellow JAG we were stationed in Texas with that went to Aviano, Italy Air Force base for only 1 year and then separated from the JAG. Wondering how she did it, he called her up a day or two after he realized his commitment wasn't expired for another year. She informed him that there was a "special" reshaping program that she used to end her commitment a year early.

Essentially what it was is that any JAG that wanted to end their commitment early had to go through an application process and request an early separation. For that particular year of 2013, all JAG that chose to apply to separate sooner than their commitment date had to have a new separation date of September 29, 2013, regardless of when you applied, be it in January 2013 or late May 2013 (which is when Jeremy submitted the application). Oh and did I mention that the application takes 8 weeks to be processed and notified if they accept your request to separate early?? Let me tell you, it took exactly that long. We found out in late July that they accepted his request. We patiently (not really) waited to get orders so we could schedule with TMO to have our household goods packed and shipped. We shipped our car as soon as we could. Sold our second vehicle. Jeremy wrapped up at work. We took a planned vacation the first week of August to Ireland and on September 11th moved from Germany to California. Phew, that was a very busy 6 weeks!!!


  1. Hi there!

    I just wanted to write you and say thank you so much for having this blog --- my husband JUST got his date for COT and I've been wanting answers to so many questions. Your blog gave me answers to questions I didn't even know I had. I'm so grateful! Thank you. :)


  2. Hi,

    I am thinking of joining the Navy Jag and also have young children. Can you write a post about what the after life has been like? Was it worth it? Did he get excellent training and have good opportunities?

    1. He JUST got a new job and this past year has been a WHIRLWIND. Our other friend who was a JAG got out about the same time as us and had a tough time locating work as well. I will write a post about the transition back to the civilian world after the holidays!