Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can family move before JASOC graduation?

Short answer YES.

Mon, you are in the same time table as we were. Top Gun started COT at the end of May, had a 2 week break and then went back to Alabama for JASOC until September 11th. During that 2 week break Top Gun first went to his base here in TX. Where your hubby is stationed that is the place where the AF will pay for him to return to after COT, not wherever it is you currently live. Top Gun then flew from TX to CA on our own dime and helped load up our moving truck, hung out for 10 days and then went to JASOC. The girls and I then moved during the second week he was at JASOC. We did so for the exact same reasons you are for our kids. I just didn't want to enroll my girls in one school for literally 2 weeks and then up and move and throw them right into another school. I moved in late July so we had a few weeks to get settled before even starting school in our new town. I am SO happy I did that. Remember the school year starts at different times throughout the country. Schools here started a few weeks earlier than in California so if we had waited til after JASOC, my daughter would have missed a month of school here.

As an additional note, if your spouse does decide to come home to wherever you currently are (assuming that it's not at the base he'll be permanently stationed at) those weeks/days in between that he is not at his base he must count as leave aka vacation days. We didn't know this but I wanted Top Gun there to help us move so we took the leave anyhow. Which means when he got here in September he was already in the hole 10 days of leave. Which meant he didn't take any leave at Christmas or Thanksgiving because he only had by that time 1 or 2 vacation days accrued. It's a bummer but good thing there are a lot of holidays quickly following September that he got off anyhow. Oh and weekends are counted as leave if you are so many miles away from your base...which really stinks!! How leave works deserves a post all in it's own!!


  1. that would be great if you could post a blog on leave!

  2. Thank you so much for the detailed response! I think our families have a number of things in common. My husband graduated last May from a top ten law school as well. Although we are fortunate that he was able to land a great job at great firm, he is hoping to find more balance between his work and family life. He surprised me back in September when he said he submitted an application with JAG over his lunch break. Within a week he had interviewed with some officer at our local Air Force base, and less than three weeks later he had an offer. We were shocked at how quickly things moved, and we were forced to consider the position more seriously. The more we thought about it, the more excited we became. Now we are just waiting to find out where he will be stationed. We were told he will get the call at the beginning of March. The boys are excited, too. We are trying to make it a big adventure, so the transition will be less difficult for them. Thanks, again, for all your helpful information.

  3. This is great information! My husband is a Marine graduating from TBS next month and he will also go to JAG school. I'm a little confused about how the housing will work though. He is to report to his duty station in May and then to JAG school in August. Can I go with him while he is in JAG school and will they still pay for our housing at the duty station we are to return to? So confused. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Usually, they only pay the housing amount for where you are actually located. If you have moved your belongings to your new station then your BAH will be that specific bases housing allowance. Then you could go stay with your husband for a few weeks at JASCO or whatever but they won't pay for you to go with him or change your BAH b/c you've already arrived to your duty station. If you don't move to your duty station before JASCO wherever you are living permantely will determine how much BAH you get. Did I answer your question?!?!