Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tax Season

Attorney's can do taxes and let's just say Top Gun could become an accountant with all the tax knowledge he's learned. The Air Force offers a great service to it's military members and retirees. If they qualify, people can take their taxes to the legal office to be completed and filed. You have to stay there while they do it but nonetheless this means that the legal office sets up a temporary tax center for the months of January-April. Top Gun was the attorney assigned this year to run and be in charge of the tax center. The base asks for volunteers, some are civilians and others are military members who choose to help and take a break from their normal duties during these months. Top Gun also uses paralegals from the legal office to complete the taxes.

I gave Top Gun an ultimatum. I said if you don't complete our taxes by the first of March, I'm going to embarrass you and show up at work with our w-2's and wait in the line like everyone else. So last night he did them. ALL, and I do mean ALL my friends have kept saying to me, "We are getting more back in taxes this year than we ever have." I was just crossing my fingers hoping that Top Gun and I wouldn't have to owe any money. Well this year we are getting twice as much as we ever have back. YAY!!!! I guess all the hard work of Top Gun preparing the law center has paid off for us too ;)


  1. What does BX stand for? What is the difference between the BX and the Commissary?

  2. One of these days when life slows down I will be doing a post about all the acronym's in the military!! It would have helped me out a ton in the beginning. But BX stands for Base Exchange. It has items like clothing, toys, garden/outdoor needs, essentially a small version of a walmart or target. All items are tax free and some things are slightly cheaper. The commissary is a grocery store, also tax free with cheaper foods than a regular grocery store. Only military members can shop at both the BX and commissary.