Sunday, April 18, 2010


We have been told, and it has been what we have witnessed, that most JAG's should expect to be deployed after their first 2 years. Deployments can be to Afganistan, Iraq, Germany, D.C., I'm sure even other places, but most are to Afganistan and Iraq. Plan on a 6 month deployment plus a few weeks of training before they officially head off for deployment. You do recieve a family seperation allowance during this time so you're pay will go up. Dependents can stay at the base or can go live with family/friends but the government will not pay to relocate you at that time. I know people that have left to go live with their parents to save money or to have help with their kids but I personally don't plan on moving when/if Top Gun gets deployed. I'll likely visit family but I have children in school and they move around enough as is being in the JAG.

Once the JAG arrives at his new base he is put in what they call a bucket. This is a 6 month time period where their name is put in a bucket. It essentially means that during that time period they are eligibale for deployment. So Top Gun was placed in the January-June bucket. Technically he could be told on the very last day of May that he is going to deploy and then he would be gone for 6 months. But once June comes we know he's "safe" until the next time he's placed in a bucket.

UPDATE: There are not just 2 buckets Jan-June and June-Dec. It can be any 6 months at a time. Top Gun just informed me that roughly JAG's are placed in a bucket once every 2 years.


  1. Thanks for your Base Housing Info.
    In regard to deployment... you said usually after 2 years you are up for deployment, but was your husband put in the bucket when he first started as a JAG, or is he put in after 2 years?
    Are you saying there are 2 different groups (2 buckets: Jan-June & June-Jan)?
    Are there "buckets" at each base or are all JAG's across the globe kept track of together?
    Thank you.

  2. After reading your post again, I think you answered my questions already. Yes you are put in when you get to your first base (not just at 2 years)
    It sounds like each base has their own bucket, and there would have to be 2 buckets.
    Sorry about that.

  3. No, there are actually more than 2 buckets. It could be February-July for someone for example. Also, Top Gun just informed me that you are only put in a bucket roughly once every 2 years! I'm going to add this info to the post.

  4. How soon after the Board met before your husband found out he was accepted as a JAG?
    How soon after your husband was accepted as a JAG did he get into his COT Training?

  5. It depends on when you interview in the cycle. Boards meet every other month or so. Top Gun interviewed in July. About 2 months later he was informed that he was accepted.

  6. Top Gun had a few hold ups in getting medical clearance b/c he served a 2 year mission for our church and never had doctor records during that time. This through the government for a loop. Nonetheless, it delayed his medical clearance. The military won't don't anything with you until you pass the bar. Top Gun found out in November he passed the bar and he started COT in May. If everything went as planned he would have started in the January COT class. They can only take so many JAG's per COT classes and they filled up quickly. He received medical clearance in March and we scheduled to go in October but an opening came up for May last minute and it was offered to Top Gun.

  7. Thank You JAGWife.
    My husband will have the 2 year mission issue also :)
    He has been in the legal field for 3 1/2 years so waiting for bar results won't be an issue.
    I didn't realize how long the wait is for COT. Thanks Again.

  8. My Husband got the phone call yesterday! He got accepted! We are waiting for the packet to come in the mail. I may have more questions as the process starts, if that's OK. Thanks so much for all your help.

  9. Amy, congrats on your husband getting accepted!! The AF will LOVE that he already has some experience practicing as an attorney.
    Some people don't wait as long as we did to start COT. It really just depends if classes are full and when you were interviewed during the assignment process.

  10. My husband goes to MEPS on Wednesday. Any advice for him? Do they tell you right then if you pass or not?

  11. I wouldn't worry about it. Unless he has had some MAJOR medical issues he'll pass. They'll tell you right then if they need more information from you. I'm excited for you and your family!! It's just one more hurtle to go through before you get your station assignment!!

  12. Have you heard anything about a loan repayment program for recent grads? If so, do you know any of the details?