Monday, May 24, 2010

Loan Repayment program for New JAG's

Finally the Air Force is catching up with the Army in their loan repayment program. The Air Force is talking about helping the new attorney's with their law school loans. Top Gun said that there is suppose to be a Web Cast coming in the next couple weeks regarding this issue with all the details on the rules and regulations surrounding it. However, this is what it basically looks like what will be offered.

Over the first 3 years a new JAG can expect to get $65,000 paid to them to go toward paying off school loans. A third of $65,000 will be distributed each of those 3 years. But let's say you only had $40,000 in loans, well then you're only going to get $40,000 from the Air Force. It's my guess that you'll have to show that you paid the amount toward your loan as well. They'll likely want proof that you actually are putting the money toward school loans. I'll keep you all updated as the matter continues to develop and unfold. This is GREAT news though!!!!!

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  1. I really love your blog. My Husband just moved to Delaware for an internship with the AF JAG and we have been putting a lot of thought into what it would mean for him to take the position full time if offered. I've found it pretty difficult to find much information on what's its like to actually live as a JAG wife. I'm loving all of your commentary and information. I'm both nervous and excited about the opportunity and right now I just want to take in as much knowledge as possible. So thank you!