Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back from family vacation

Today we got back from our first vacation since Top Gun has joined the Air Force. Yup, that's right, he joined 13 months ago!! This was the first time he has taken any leave and it was well used! (not counting the 10 days leave he was forced to take in between COT and JASCO to help us move). Anyway, we headed to San Antonio, Texas. Military members get into Sea World or Bush Gardens once a year for up to 4 people for FREE. So we took the kids to Sea World and then headed to Canyon Lake. The Army has a recreation site down there where only military can stay. We rented a 3 bedroom cabin for $75 a night!! A ski boat rental was $75 plus gas a day! The marina's near the military site were $155 for half a day to rent a boat!! The point is I love getting military discounts. It makes it so we can afford great vacations!! All over the world there are deals to be had for lodging if you're a military member. Hawaii has a military only resort hotel, for example.
Anyway, back to reality. But we love our reality lately so it's all good.


  1. We were in Holbrook, AZ not long ago and it was the first time I noticed a town so welcoming of military. Big Billboards and lots of the businesses stated discounts for military. Apparently a lot of people from there serve.
    Not much in Holbrook to be honest, but it does have the "Cars Movie" adapted from there.
    It is neat the way they respect those who serve our country.
    Thank You for Your Post.
    P.S. We are waiting for Terry Goodman to let us know he received the final medical results.

  2. Most Air Forces bases are in the middle of nowhere. So if you're like me and enjoy bigger cities, it's unfortunate!

    Ahh, yes Terry Goodman was the man we worked with too. We would never hear from him but whenever we would call him, he'd have news for us...go figure. Keep me posted.

  3. We live in a town with no stoplights :) but I was raised in a big city. Either way, I hope our kids will stay excited about moving to new adventures.
    My husband got a hold of Terry Goodman this morning. He is scheduled for October COT !!!!
    Terry said we'd get our two location choices in mid-July !!!!

  4. Congrats on the October start date. I can't wait to hear what your two choices are! Let me know and I'll get the scoop on the locations!