Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is in response to a reader regarding whether you can have dogs and live on base. Well, I live on base and I swear every one has a dog, or two, or three!! I haven't heard of any state side base housing restricting dogs. There are certain breeds they don't allow in base housing, at least where I'm located. I can't remember them all but Pitt Bulls are one of them.

As far as over sea bases, it is more complicated. You have to pay to have your dogs flown over seas. The military will not pay for them. Some overseas' bases have restrictions on pets you can bring among other things. I do know that it is quite a process if you bring dogs with you overseas. It's not the military restrictions you need to worry about, it's other countries policies. For example our friends are about to go to England and their dogs had to be checked and approved as healthy. From that point on they had to be quarantine for a month so as not to contract any rabies, etc. There is loads of paperwork in conjunction with 'clearing' your dogs. England seems to be very strict on their laws for bringing dogs over there. I know these are all general answers but we are not dog owners so it's not a subject I have looked really deep into.


  1. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy this blog. My husband and I are both interested in JAG (he is already and attorney and I am in law school) . . .your blog has really helped give us insight on things to consider prior to talking with a recruiter. Please keep writing!! :)


  2. I know this is very old, but do a lot of single people have pets or is it only the families? Thank you for this blog! <3

  3. We didn't have a dog. We knew families with dogs and several married JAG but who didn't have kids who had dogs. I'm sure there are some single military members with dogs. I personally didn't know any but that doesn't mean there aren't any!