Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Options for JAG's exiting the military

JAGs leave the military and go onto work in a wide range of areas. There are good numbers of prosecutors, state and federal, that are former JAGs. JAGs can obtain a wide range of experience. Every JAG does not become experienced in the same areas of law. There are JAGs that get a lot of experience in government contracts, labor, environmental, and information privacy law. Others just focus on military justice, aka criminal law. That experience can determine what marketable skills they will have once they leave the service. There are also a lot of JAGs that leave the military and go into the reserves. One advantage people have said is that being in the reserves can help when transitioning between jobs.
After the first couple of assignments JAGs are typically not doing the criminal trial work unless they want. Instead they are going into positions where they might be able to specialize, act more in an advisory role at a higher headquarters legal office, or serve in a leadership role. There are so many different jobs in the JAG Corps. You can express your desire for the area of law that you want to gain experience in and bosses will typically try to help you achieve your desires. Of course your preferences only go so far.

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