Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking 'Leave' aka Vacation time

J is leaving for 8 weeks this summer. Boo hoo for me. It will be a good break for him. It's more of a laid back course that doesn't involve real cases, clients, legal reviews or court martial. Thus he's looking forward to a break from the norm. With that said I have been a vacation planning machine! Since we'll be losing precious summer time with him, I planned a week for May in France, a week in August for Spain, and 10 days in September in Nice, France and Tuscany, Italy. We are spoiled, I know. But something is constantly looming over me...

Our good friends at our last base had 2 different vacations planned. Last minute, she had to cancel them because her husband had to work. He had the leave approved well in advance but as the date got closer, duty called. Granted he was an ADC and when you're put on a court that gets postponed and there's no flexibility, what can you do? Either way, I get nervous every time I book something that has a horrible cancellation policy. Even though we've been lucky and haven't had a problem thus far I still think how bummed I'd be. Although, I'm the selfish type that would likely still take the vacation without him. I mean, we won't be living in Europe forever! I have to make good use of our time. Heck, I'm taking my kids on a Baltic cruise in June when he's gone! After all, he doesn't want me sitting around at home bored all summer...right??


  1. We got our base assignment today. LUKE AFB is where we are going. It was on our top 10 list, so we are excited! I have a bunch of questions but my first one is...can we move to our base between COT and JASCO? My husband is doing COT in late AUG and JASCO OCT-DEC. My daughter starts Kindergarten this fall and I want her to start ASAP. I would like to move the week between COT and JASCO. Is that possible? Also, is it too early to contact the BAH? Any info you have on this base would be great :) Thanks for your help!

  2. That's great you got a base on your top 10 list!! We did exactly what you are wanting to do. J left for COT, flew home for 1 week, we loaded our truck, the girls and I then flew to Texas, and he flew back to Alabama for JASCO. Completely doable. Also, I would contact the Base Housing asap to get on a waiting list or to at least see if there is one. Good luck and congrats!!!

  3. I'll poke around and see what info I can get on Luke. I knew one JAG family that was stationed there 4 years back and LOVED the area but didn't care for the office, solely because of the SJA, which changes every 2-3 years. Thus it's not really a valid concern to bring up.