Monday, October 8, 2012

Update regarding assignment choice

One of my readers who just got accepted to the JAG Corps had this to say.

"Also, in case you weren't aware of the changes, they now only provide one (instead of two) options for first base assignment. Also, I guess their policy now is to only give you 24 hours to decide. Thought there may be some others reading your blog who are interested to know that."

So be prepared when they call to make a quick decision.


  1. My husband was accepted and that was the situation for us when they called with our assignment last Fall. One choice and take it or leave it.

  2. Just to provide a little more detail about this information above for anybody that is interested-

    We got an email on a Friday informing me I had received a waiver and that I would be receiving a phone call within a week to let me know what my offered assignment was. The email suggested they would offer me "one" base. That was different than I expected, so I responded asking about that and a couple of other things, including how much time they would give me to respond to the offered assignment. Mr. Goodman replied saying that the practice of offering a couple of options for the first assignment ended about a year they just give you one choice. He also said that I would be allowed 72 hours to respond to the offered assignment.

    We waited for the phone call with the assignment, which came the following Thursday. During that conversation I was told I needed to let them know by the following day (Friday). I suggested that I had been told we would have 72 hours. The lady responded that 24 hours was now the normal practice (apparently with a previous chief of assignments it was 72 hours), but she would check with her superior for me to see if I could have until Monday to respond. About 15 minutes later she called back and said that I could not, I would have to let them know by the next day (Friday). She suggested part of the reason was because if I didn't accept they would offer that assignment to the next person.

    All of a sudden we felt very rushed with having to make our decision. Although we were leaning towards accepting, we were not sure at that point whether we would. We ended up accepting the assignment on Friday. After accepting it was actually a relief to just make the decision and get it over with. But it sure did make for a nervous/stressful day for us on Thursday.

  3. Hubs received a letter a month ago stating the practice of offering choices was no longer done due to the demand for positions. I've also heard that they ask you to discuss the assignment location with your spouse and let them know the next day what you think. It sounds like they may budge if you have a significant concern about a particular location but they don't advertise there may be another option.

    We just sent in the bar results and were told we would hear something soon about a base assignment. We're on pins and needles. How long from notifying them from Bar passage to getting your base assignment? And once you accept, what is the timeline for moving? There used to be two weeks between COT and JASOC and now there's only a weekend. While I can move by myself it isn't my dream situation. It sounds like moving solo will be the case with such a short downtime between training sessions.

  4. Has your husband already been medically cleared? If so, then you should here soon on your assignment. If not, then he'll have to get that scheduled and completed first.

    Once you accept and are slotted to a COT/JASOC class and have orders, you can then begin the process of getting your paperwork ready for moving. Generally speaking the military will not move you until after your spouse has completed COT. Not all COT and JASOC classes are back to back. You may have a month+ in between COT and JASOC. COT occurs more frequently annually than JASOC.

  5. Corps NOT core! For example, it is the United States Marine Corps not the United States Marine Core!