Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Colonel Rocks!

I wrote a post last year (that I later deleted) about J's then SJA (Colonel boss). It was no secret that he was not the most desirable SJA to say the least. Anyways, I wrote a post comparing our first SJA to our second one. It was night and day. The first one took the time to know not only J but our family. He made sure office functions happened with families, checked in with me personally etc. Then we came to Germany and had a completely different experience. The SJA had no idea who I was when I walked into the office nor took the time to hold office functions or helped facilitate office camaraderie, etc. I had a reader write me a lengthy comment saying how that is silly to compare the two because Germany's office is much, much larger and it's just plain impossible for an SJA to have the same kind of relationship with me or the Captain's as J's first SJA who was running a much smaller legal office.

Well J has had a new SJA since this summer and....HE IS AWESOME!! Just like our first SJA was. He knows my name, takes time to know our family (the whole office even threw me and two other wives a huge baby shower), holds regular family functions and cares about his Captain's. To top it off J gets a shopping day next week. Yes, his SJA is giving each Captain a free day off to go Christmas shopping!

My faith in amazing SJA's has been restored!


  1. I can attest to the fact that a good SJA makes a huge difference. It's like night and day between my husband's current SJA and his previous one. It really makes a difference in office happiness and productivity!

  2. Potential JAG Wife here: Hi, sorry, I know I'm addressing an old post, but I couldn't see an email contact I could use. I wanted to ask a question about this post:

    Is it really true that NO JAG has ever died during deployment? Does that mean just AF? Or are you talking about Army and Navy too?

    Also, by your experience, how long is deployment usually and what percentage of JAGs are actually deployed? Thank you! =)

  3. I only know for the Air Force and yes, no JAG has ever been killed and only one has been injured.

    Deployments are 6 months plus they leave for training which last 2-4 weeks.

    Right now there are rougly 90 Air Force JAG's deployed.

    1. I am glad to see good SJA's out there Ours is not so great this time but we get a new one this year. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.