Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How much do JAG's make?

General Answes for 'AM'

This is public knowledge and is based on rank and years of service. You can go to

-JAG's come in as 1stLT also known as O-2 rank. At there 6 month mark they get promoted to Captain, O-3 rank. Look at the chart to see the increase in pay overtime. You'll start off making O-2 with under 2 years experience making $3058 a month. (This will increase next year 3.4% b/c of the standard of living adjustments). This payment is referred to as Base Pay.
-Plus you get what they call a Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) which totals roughly $225 a month.
-Then you get a BAH, Basic Allowance for Housing. This is based on zip code of where your stationed, rank, and whether the JAG has dependents. A spouse is a dependent.
-If you live on base ALL your BAH goes to the housing. Housing includes all utilities except for things like phone and cable.
- Dogs are allowed in base housing. Some breads however are not and this likely will vary from base to base.

I will answer the rest of your questions soon. Top Gun promotes to Captain this week and then there's Thanksgiving so I've been kind of busy ;)

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