Saturday, November 21, 2009

More answers to 'AM' Q's

1. Beyond the medical field, what sort of jobs do you see young spouses working in? I was scared by a post I saw on a different forum that said no one will hire a military spouse because they know you’ll be moving. I have a BA in literature and philosophy but have been working in the Foreign Policy advisory world out of D.C. for the last two years. I’m open to changing fields depending on what base he is placed at, but it’s important for me to work.

This will highly depend on where you are stationed. I have a friend who worked in D.C. as an artificer. She can't find a job remotely similar to what she was doing b/c we are located in a rural area. Most Air Force bases are located in rural areas. Thus it's harder to find unique jobs like yours. Many wives work in the school system as teachers. Each base has job opportunities too whether is in the library or family readiness center, youth centers, etc.

2. Can you walk through the process of what happens after [if] he receives an offer? Are you told where you would be stationed before you accept? If not, how long after? Do you really have two different choices or do they just tell you where you’re going? Do you always have a choice with each transfer?

If they make an offer it is contingent on whether you pass the bar exam. Once you do, then they'll set up medical clearance, have you fill out a TON of paper work etc. After ALL that clears then they tell you when your COT and JASCO class begin. Then you are told your 2-3 choices of where you can be stationed and it's not until you choose one that you become committed. That is the only time you have a choice on where you are stationed, generally speaking. After that, you put a wish list in and they try to accommodate you but really they'll just place you where there is a need for your second transfer etc. I have heard of someone working it out where they were offered a place after their first 2 years and talked their way out of going to that place and being given another option. So it is not unheard of by any means. As you stay in for more years and become higher ranked with different responsibilities you can potentially get choices again.

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  1. New to this site so not quite sure how to send a personal message to ask this, but since your first question asked about jobs for spouses other than the medical field, are there a lot of JAG spouses in the medical field then? Would they mostly be on base and essentially also be military employees then? (I'll admit my knowledge of the system is still fairly limited, my SO and I are still only students in our respective professional schools, but this is what he's working towards).