Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treating on base

Happy belated Halloween!!!

We had a blast trick or treating on base for Halloween. Our neighbors set up the projector outside and we watched a movie and ate chili while trick or treaters came around. We took our kids around too and there were SOO many kids/families, GREAT candy, and a lot of parties like ours with neighbors out in their driveways. What was really great, but on the funny side if you ask me, they had these young, fresh Airmen trainee's "patrolling" the neighborhoods during the designated trick or treating hours of 6:00-9:00 to make sure everyone was acting accordingly. I looked at Top Gun and said I don't think those "kids" could handle any kind of "problems" if something where to actually happen.

Top Gun had the JAG phone that weekend too. Basically, when the police on base or the investigators need something they will often call the JAG office to ask questions on how to charge people or how to go about bringing in suspects and witnesses and all kinds of other issues. Therefore, there is a JAG phone that one of the attorney's will have on them for after hours and weekends. The phone gets rotated.

Halloween was Top Gun's turn to have the phone and I just knew it would call...and it did...more than once!!!

Luckily it wasn't until around 9:00p.m after we had been Trick or Treating.

To get on our base there is 100% I.D. check. Well one of the guards while checking I.D.'s of each passenger noticed alcohol in the car of 4 young Airmen. The Airmen tried to drive threw the main gate with open alcohol containers in each of their possessions in their car! Here's the real kicker, they were all underage drinkers. Smart ones huh?

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