Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living on base


When you read information about your base I would take it for what it is, someones opinion or point of view of their experience at that particular base. Our base and I believe most bases have different housing for Officer's compared to Enlisted. You may be reading enlisted members experiences of their homes when it comes to critter's etc. Although, some bases do have really old base housing. I know the Air Force on a general spectrum is in the process of building new homes on bases throughout the world. The Officer housing where we are stationed is brand new, but the enlisted homes are very old and have all kinds of critters roaming in them!! Check out your base website. You should be able to access base housing photos.

Some con's to living on base:
-The military member can feel like they don't escape work. We haven't found it to be a big problem but that can be a valid argument for some.
-Restrictions on what you can do to the home you live in, although you potentially face that problem if you lived off base and rented too.
-Only military members are your neighbors. Sometimes, I miss having a little more diversity and stability. We just lost 4 of our neighbors over the summer.


  1. We found was very helpful in learning about bases. It helped a lot in making our wish list and since being assigned, we've read more closely about the base we've been assigned too.
    Thanks for your JASOC comments to another poster, My husband's JASOC starts 2 months after COT, so we'll be going with him to Alabama, and I didn't know they'll pay for him/us to travel back to our base after JASOC.

  2. Thanks for the website!! To clarify (I obviously don't do well at that) they will only pay for you to move to your base. They won't pay for you to go to Alabama but they should pay for you to get there from Alabama.

  3. This is unrelated to this post but I was wondering, if you are selected after the board meets, do they tell you where you will be assigned at that point? If not, how long did it take before you knew where you would be stationed?

  4. Thank you so much for your blog! I've nearly read every post over the past day! I am a 3L and am seriously considering AF JAG. I am more worried about what's in store for my wife than what I'm getting into and your insight has been invaluable!! I'll keep you updated if I decide to go through with it. (I've got the paperwork filled out ready to go!)


  5. Dear JagWife,
    hope all is well. My husband and I recieved wonderful news last week- we've recieved our offer: either Kirtland in Albuquerque, or Mildenhall in the UK. We had really, really wanted to go abroad and so we were thrilled to accept the UK placement. Following a week of happiness, reality is beginning to settle in and it is a bit overwhellming all that will have to happen to get us settled over there.

    Do you have any insight into placements abroad?
    For example, do you know if they will ship our Car, or how much of our furniture/other household things they ship?

    We will be in a period of transition before we leave, and may need to pack up most of our house and put it in storage for a few months. When the Air Force moves you, can they move you from out of a storage unit to your next placement?

    I'm also curious if you have heard anything about Mildenhal base or the surrounding areas?

    Thanks again so much for this blog. We've been reading back through it this week as JAG is finally becoming our reality.