Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Gun is TDY

Top Gun has been TDY for 2 weeks and gets home late, late tonight. He went to a 2 week trial course. It's suppose to help him be better in the court room. It's great training. He was able to participate in a few moot courts. But we miss him here!

I'm about to head to his office for a potluck lunch. I ask myself why am I going if he won't even be there, especially when I am so busy lately?? It's just a sign of how much I love the people he works with and I have a good time hanging out with them too. They do these kind of lunches fairly regularly and I think they are great!


  1. Thanks for all of your posts and information. This site goes both ways. I am currently awaiting pilot training in the AF, but thinking of going JAG instead. Have you or your husband ran in to this situation with any JAG people(pilot selects turning it down for JAG)?

  2. My husband will start COT in January so we still have some time to figure things out. But I was wondering if you know anything about how it would work if I went with him to the JASOC portion of training. Mostly because I'm assuming that would mean the AF wouldn't help us move since we wouldn't be coming from our current location, is that right? And, once all the training is finished, does the AF fly him out or could he come with us to head to our new home/base?

    I'm not even sure if that makes sense but I guess I'm not sure what the AF will help with and allow in regards to moving if we wait till after JASOC.

    Also, should I believe everything I hear/read about the base we're heading to? It's McChord and I guess it's been combined (somewhat) recently with Ft. Lewis (Army). People have written about how it's degraded a bit. I don't mind that as much as the condition of the housing. There really isn't much information but what I have read mentions mice and critters and such.

    Did you have any surprises moving onto your base? Are there any negative things about living on base in general? It's our next big thing to figure out what we should decide on...I just don't know so I'd appreciate any advice!

    Sorry this was so long! Thanks for all your information so far, it's been great to read!

  3. They won't pay to have you go to JASCO with your spouse. You can shack up with him there on your own cost though. Once he is done at JASCO he can drive with you to your new base or fly, either way the AF will pay for that. They will pay for you to get to your new base too, wherever it is you are located. Most families don't move until after JASCO, that is if COT and JASCO are back to back.