Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When can you move, # of days AF gives you to move


Technically, you could move to your base as soon as your husband leaves for COT, however most don't move to the base until after COT or during JASCO (at least that is what our recruiter said). Because you'll have a few months between COT obviously you'll get to your base before JASCO but for those like Top Gun who did COT and JASCO back to back moving during/after JASCO is more precedent. I moved to our base while Top Gun was at JASCO b/c school for my kids was starting up. There is a down side to not moving together all at once though.

When you move you get up to 10 days to find and move into your new housing. But once you sign the lease you're expected to start working. Which means after not seeing Top Gun for 9 weeks, he met up with us at our new base on a Friday night and was at work on Monday morning. If we had all moved here together, we would of had up to 10 days to find a home. Some work the system. They'll find a house but ask the renter to not have them sign the lease until the 10th day so they can have all the days off. But say you get a house on base and there's one available immediately, then you'll sign a lease and have to start reporting to work even if you only used 2 days. The key phrase is you get "up to" 10 days.

As far as how many days you get to actually move to your new location, well that is determined on how far you live currently from your new base and if you move yourself. You get something like 350 miles a day to travel (don't quote me on the 350. I will find a definite answer for you) We had the Air Force fly us out but if we would have driven ourselves from California to Texas then we would of been given something like 6 days to get here. Then the 10 days would have started from our arrival date.

As far as base housing wait lists, just call up the base housing office and ask them. I was given what number down on the list we were and the odds of us getting a home weeks before I arrived to the base. You'll have to fax them a copy of your orders and what date you'll be there and they'll place you on the waiting list.


  1. Hi,

    First I'd like to thank you for your posts and information, it has helped me to get a good idea of what to expect about jag and the military life.

    I have a question for you, although Top Gun is probably better suited to answer it.

    My husband is currently attending school. He was in the miliarty 10 years ago, he did active duty and national guard (10 years). While in the National Guard he went to college and is now working on his law degree.

    He wants to join the military again as Jag. How hard is the selection process? He is currently a 2L and is already working on a app for the summer internship as lawyer with the military.

    I guess my question is, is there something else he should/could be doing to ensure that he is selected for Jag?

    Any information about the pre-joining jag process greatly appreciated it!

    thank you and keep up with the good work/blog!


  2. Hi,

    I have asked you questions on here before and you were great about responding. I have a few more questions for you! (they never end right? lol) My boyfriend is going to his interview this FRIDAY! We are so excited!! We are wondering how soon will he find out if they accepted him and when will we know when his training is and where we will be stationed. We are hoping to get in LA or close to Miami, but we don't know how good they are about getting you at a base that you request...guess it depends on their needs at the time. Also, do you have any tips for us as far as adjusting to this lifestyle? We don't really know what to expect. I have read your entire blog and it is SO helpful THANK YOU! Once we find out (hopefully October? if he got in) then we will start planning our wedding :)

  3. This is in response to the first comment: It looks like your husband is doing everything right, applying for a JAG internship, has prior military experience etc. While you can't really do anything to "ensure" he gets accepted, your husband sounds on the right track as long as he has good grades in law school. The JAG is very competitive. Last year they had more applicants than they ever have. Our guess is b/c of the economy which still stinks so the application pool will likely be high again. Good luck and tell him to keep working hard ;)