Monday, July 19, 2010

ADC (Area Defense Counsel)

Amy's comment made me think of a new post.

JAG's move every 2-3 years. Generally it is closer to the 2-2.5 year mark. If you are stationed overseas, which is HIGHLY desirable amongst JAG's (that was another readers question), you will stay at that station for 3 years. It's expensive to move overseas so it's more cost effective for the AF to keep you over there longer.

BUT.....there are times when you may stay at a base for 3 or even 4 years. This is how it would play out. When JAG's start out they are Prosecutors. Some bases have an ADC, Area Defense Counselors. JAG's that were once on the Prosecutors side can transition over to the ADC at their same base. ADC is considered new orders, new assignment etc, so therefore when moved over to the ADC you will be assigned that for 2 additional years. So say you serve 2 years at one base as a Prosecutor and an ADC position opened up on your base, you may be offered the ADC spot and receive that as your next assignment. Obviously that would mean you don't have to move b/c you'll be there for an additional 2 year assignment.

What mostly happens is either that previous scenario, or you serve your first 2 years at one base and the next base you move to you're immediately assigned to the ADC position, or after 1 year at your 2nd base you're moved over to the ADC position. It's ALL about timing and generally seniority receives the option to accept the ADC position.

KEY NOTE: When you are an ADC you are NOT DEPLOYABLE!!!!! Some people like that, (me for example!), other's want to be deployed and won't accept the ADC for that very reason. It can be a toss up. You may travel more often as an ADC however, to cover bases that don't have an ADC that are near your base.


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