Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tricare Contact Information

Tricare is who controls, activates, approves, etc you and your families health benefits.

Tricare is controlled by various regions. Don't call the Tricare office where you are currently located. You want to sign up with the tricare office that is in the same region as your base you'll be stationed at. Unless your spouse is attending COT before you move to your base and you will be needing medical services where you are currently located, then obviously sign up for tricare right away in the region you are currently live in. Once you move to your base you'll have to complete registration again with the new tricare regional office if you are in fact located in a different region.

Tricare Region North

Tricare region South

Tricare Region West

Tricare Dental Program
United Concordia Companies

Dental coverage is not free to military families only those that are active duty (so our attorney spouse would get dental coverage free)

However, tricare offers dental coverage for cheap through United Concordia


  1. It's really tough being a dependent. Breaking news is TriCare's new online, telephone, and videoconferencing mental health services. This just went live today, and I think will be big news in the military dependent community. Check out this article about this service.