Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hindsight is glorious!

When the last reader left a comment saying she had practically just read my entire blog, I went back and read some of my earlier post...MAN WAS I NEGATIVE at times.
I guess when you are in the thick of it all and when you first get started (as in any new job, new home, new everything essentially) you can be so overwhelmed that in retrospect I think I came on too negative.
On the contrary, I believe I can share the truth, sometimes the ugly truth, be frustrated with the process of how the military works, and still be happy and properly portray my current experience...which is POSITIVE. I hope from here on out to be more positive because after all I was 100% against Top Gun joining the military at one point. But my heart was changed and I LOVE my husband's job and our life right now!!
I keep thinking of my new friend whose husband started as a JAG a few months ago but she finished up her job back home before just recently relocating here. She feels like she has almost given up her identity. She has moved here to be with her husband but has no job, hardly any friends yet, finally received her household goods, that took way too long, and is feeling a little lost. That will be the process for some of you wives, every time you move with your spouse to a new base. It takes time but you will make friends, you just have to put yourself out there.

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  1. Do you still feel that the JAG was a good decision for a career vs. working in the private sector? My Husband just finished and internship at the Dover base and is applying to become a JAG after graduation next May (and the BAR of course). We are really torn about whether this is the direction we want to take. Honestly I'm scared to death of the deployment aspect. Even though I realize he wouldn't actually be in combat. Just having a hard time dealing with the fact that in addition to training weeks he will also be gone for an entire 6 month period at some point. How did you rationalize this in your mind?