Friday, October 9, 2009

Clarification on Blog Title

The title Life of a JAG Wife should not be read into. Let me explain. When your spouse joins the military, he joins the military, not you, not your family, not your dog if you have one. You don't join literally speaking that is. You do in many other ways, which I'm sure I'll discuss eventually. When I first came to Texas some military wives told me there are women "out there" that "wear their husbands rank." Meaning they "literally" think of themselves as Lieutenants, Captains, Colonels, etc. and feel as though they should even be saluted by lower ranked individuals.

I am a wife, a mother, an individual separate from Top Gun. He is the attorney, not me. By having the title state "Life of a JAG Wife" may imply that I wear my husbands title or rank. Though, I do take pride in Top Gun's accomplishments and success as man, husband, father, attorney, I am in no way making a statement that being a JAG Wife is something I take pride in or feel special about. He is part of the JAG core, not I. But in my blog I will discuss the topics of cases he deals with, which is public knowledge. If you lived here you could walk into the court room and listen for yourselves. Don't worry I won't be breaking any rules :) I only wanted my blog title to capture readers interested in life as a military family and law in general.

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