Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Top Gun went TDY.

What does this mean? Technically I think it stands for Temporary Duty Yonder. To me it means he's gone for a week! He has to take a legal assisting class in Virginia. He'll be back late Friday night, just in time for Halloween. This was something I didn't expect or know about when we signed up for the Air Force. Yes, I knew Top Gun could potentially be gone for deployment. Yes, I knew he'd be gone at first doing COT and then 9 weeks at JASCO. But honestly, I thought that was it...no more traveling involved.

I was so wrong!!

Apparently there are quite of few (potentially) of these TDY's he may go on. They'll be for some different kind of training each time but again it means he's gone. Some are just a week others can be up to 4 weeks. Oh and if he ever does get set to be deployed they will first TDY him to a 6 week training course. Yup, that's right! Add another month to the "6 month" deployment. I don't mean to sound annoyed but it has been a long 3 days without Top Gun. I miss him. I'm envious of all the dinners he gets to eat out, the social soirees they put on for him, the quietness of no babies crying, just the getaway as a whole.

Although, your spouse may be one of the lucky ones and not go TDY often. There's one JAG in Top Gun's office that in her one year of being a JAG she hasn't gone TDY once besides COT and JASCO. On the other hand there is another JAG in his office that has gone a handful of times.

As a side note I have a Halloween activity tomorrow night at my church. Three of my good friend's husbands won't be there. One's husband is a Dentist, another a JAG and the last one is a Pilot. And of course Top Gun won't be there. All have military responsibilities tomorrow evening. Welcome to the Air Force!

I promise to start sharing more of the positive...there really is a lot. I'm just having one of those days :)


  1. Yuck, this makes me want to cry!

  2. This is what I was afraid of. :( My husband & I don't have any kids yet, but I still don't like the idea of being left alone for weeks/months at a time. Have you found that there is a good support system for military wives? Has it been easy to make new friends?

  3. BeckyUK04--If your husband is going in March when where you told to expect his assignment?

  4. Erin - He was told anywhere from a couple weeks to 3 months (this was at the beginning of October). I'm hoping we find out soon. He just got sworn in as an attorney last Friday, so we are waiting on a letter of good standing from the state to send to TG. I have a feeling if we don't hear before Thanksgiving, it might be awhile with the holidays and everything, but who knows.

    What did they tell you all?

  5. BeckyUK04-we understood Jan but were hoping that we would find out a little sooner what our choices were. My husband has had everything in for a few weeks now. Nothing.

  6. Erin -
    I'll make sure to post if he hears anything. I hope it's not January! :(