Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To finish my baby story...

I was at my mom's cleaning her closet out when Top Gun called and told me the news. Right away I told him I felt like saying "Yes" because I knew how heart broken he was (and me too) when they told us we'd have to wait until October to start and how antsy he had been to start but that of course I had to pray about it b/c after all I was going to be having a baby and there was no way I was having it without him. I called my Doctor immediately and he said he would induce me at 39 weeks but no earlier and that if the hospital was really busy I'd be the first to be pushed back due to it being elective.

Well I was set to be induced on the night of May 19th but started contracting on my own about 3 hours before I was scheduled to go to the hospital. I gave birth early the next morning with Top Gun by my side...Hooray! I am so blessed he was there and that we had a healthy baby. He left 4 days later and we didn't see him again for 6 weeks. He came home for 12 days and left again for 9 weeks. It was very difficult but again now that it's behind us I can say it wasn't too bad ;)

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