Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What do you love most/least about his career path?

Top Gun went to a Top 10 Law School. His peers were coming out making six figures. Some thought they were coming out making six figures and then the economy tanked and they were let go before they even started their jobs. But we have several good friends that work for big law firms in San Francisco, Dallas, Alaska, D.C., and New York. I quickly learned that I didn't want the lifestyle that some of them had. Oh, I wanted (and still do at times) for Top Gun to make $160,000+bonuses a year. Who wouldn't?? But I didn't want to sacrifice the lack of family time we would of had. If he would have worked for a big firm he'd get home every night at 7:00 at the very earliest and been out the door before any of us were awake. Not too mention the stress that comes with the hours he would have to put in. He wouldn't have practiced law the way he can as a JAG. Week 2 on the job as a JAG he was in the court room. It takes years for some attorney's to enter the court room at a big law firm. Sometimes money is not worth it. So to answer what I love least about his career path is the money...it's not lucrative, unless you want to stay in it for the long haul. Also, the whole deployment thing is a huge turnoff. Especially how I just mentioned lack of family time being an issue!! Contradictory I know but on a day to day bases I see my husband more than I would if he worked else where.

What do I love most? The opportunity to explore and see new places, meet new people. I like adventure. Will my kids though? I am told, and I believe it to be true, siblings who move a lot are generally closer. They lose friends so often that they become best friends with each other. I have all girls and I can see them being tight knit as we move around every 2 years simply b/c they have to if they want a constant friend!


  1. Thanks for creating this blog and posting the great info! My husband is extremely excited to be a future AF JAG (and I am too)! He got accepted in the August 2009 round and is told that he should expect to head off to COT in March.

    Keep posting! :)

  2. Becky...I love how you said "he should expect to head off to COT in March." We were told 5, yes 5, different start dates. I wish you luck!

  3. What do you mean by 5 different start dates? We were given the option of starting in Oct, Jan or March. We picked March...from your experience do you think that might change?

    Now for my list of questions, sorry there are so many. 1. If we are going to start in March based on your experience when should we expect to be given our options of bases? 2. I know the first time they give you two choices, were either of them on the "list" you filled out? 3. When does the housing allowence start? 4. Why did you choose to live on base vs. off-base? 5. With three kids (that is how many I have), how big of a house did they give you and is it nice?
    6. We have heard that most are deployed right around the 18mth mark, have you noticed that from other JAGs around you? 7. We also heard that the deployment time is moving from 4 mths to 6 mths...do you know anything about this?

    Again, sorry for so many questions and thank you so much for taking the time to do this blog.


  4. Erin, I will be answering your questions very soon!