Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They tell you what you "like" to hear

What do you mean by 5 different start dates? We were given the option of starting in Oct, Jan or March. We picked March...from your experience do you think that might change?

First off, no I don't think your start date will change. That is if they have already confirmed with you by something in writing, email or hard copy, his start date and after he has passed all his medical testing.

Top Gun needed to pass a physical before the AF would consider him. Remember that thick packet that required the last 10 years of medical history etc. Well, Top Gun is as healthy as they come and never went to the Doctor so he just didn't have any medical records to submit. Also, him being gone for 2 years b/c of a mission for our church somehow stupefied the Air Force. He needed the Surgeon Generals office to sign off on his records and be cleared so he could have his physical done. This takes 30-45 days...just to get cleared for the physical. Back in November 2008 when Top Gun passed the bar they told us his start date would be January 2009. That is for him to head off to COT. Well b/c of the holidays papers never even got sent to the office until January so there went the January start date. Then we were told March. Well March came around and the Surgeon General finally approved Top Gun but of course it was too late for the March class b/c it was now full. They said we'd likely start in May. Well he finally got the physical passed...duh...and of course by that time the May class was full. But we didn't want May b/c I was due to have our third baby a few days before that COT class began anyways. They then had to get back to us but that August would be the start date. Well I don't even remember what happened exactly but when they finally called us, the August class was full and the first available COT opening was in October 2009. We were devastated. We were tired of being in limbo for so long.

I kept telling Top Gun to call D.C. and tell them if anyone drops out he'll take their spot b/c we were eager to begin. No joke...the following did indeed happen.

On Friday the 10th of April Top Gun talked to our contact with the Air Force. He informs us that someone has dropped out of the May starting class and since Top Gun has been in the works since last year, he has been given priority to have the option of starting then. He can say no and wait until his assigned October start date or accept this offer; the option was his. Initially we said no to May (it was never available for us anyway but if it would have been we were not even on the list to accept it, b/c of the due date of our baby). So we are then told we have the weekend to decide and to let them know on Monday. Top Gun would need to leave on May 25th so he could start his training on May 26th for 4 weeks. He'd have a 2 week break which he could take as vacation time or report to his base, then go back to Alabama to complete JAG school. Oh and did I mention that my due date was MAY 27th!!!!

So there is the clarification of our multiple start dates! They tell you over and over what you want to hear so you'll stick with them. In the end, now that I'm here and Top Gun is finally working, it was worth it.


  1. Hi,
    I know this is an old post, but I have a lot of questions about JAG. My boyfriend is starting the paperwork to become a JAG and there is a spot where it says 'when can you start active duty.' I won't be graduating until May 2011 so we put that date, but does training count as active duty? We just don't want him to be stationed somewhere before May 2011 because I want to go with him, but we would like his training to get done before then. Also, we are planning on getting married. Is it better to get married before you leave for training? I know on the paperwork it asks about a spouse..does this influence your chances of getting in? Does it affect your pay when you go to JAG school? I don't know if you know the answers to these questions, but I figured I would ask. Also, we really want to go to Italy. Do you know if overseas assignments are highly sought after for JAG officers?

  2. Also, how long does the whole process take? He is trying to get in his interview for July so he can be considered at the August you think that May 2011 is a realistic date for us to expect to be moving to our base? Or, do you think it would be much sooner/longer than that? Sorry for all the questions! You can answer me on here or at or both! thanks.