Tuesday, October 13, 2009

General Work Hours

What are his general hours now?

This answer varies from base to base depending on the work load. I can only give you what our schedule has been like thus far. Top Gun has come home for lunch almost every day (we live on base). He has PT (Physical Training) 3 mornings a week that start at 7:00. That last 30-40 minutes and then he comes home, showers, and reports to work at 8:30. On the days he doesn't have PT he reports to work by 7:30. The end of the duty day is 4:30 but he doesn't finish and come home until 5:00. When he is in trial he will get home later depending on how much prep time he needs. As his years in the service get longer and he practices as an Area Defense or a Senior Trial Counsel, he will travel a lot more, have more cases and will have a much more demanding schedule. However, those are paths he doesn't necessarily have to take.

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  1. Thank you for this blog. My bf is applying for a JAG position with the army, and I'm nervous. It helps to read about your experiences.