Friday, October 9, 2009

Why this Blog

When I first tried to research what life as a military wife, and particularly as a JAG wife, would be like I couldn't find anything out there when I googled "Life as a JAG Wife." Creative I know. So this is my way of creating something for spouses whose husbands or wives are joinging the military and want some kind of information from a real person. We know how military recruiters can be. We want the truth. Not some glamorized story to get us to sign up.

Mainly though, this blog is first and foremost my outlet. Coming from zero military background, we came in clueless. I need a place to discuss and share our experiences. Ideally I'd love for this to become a discussion blog, have guest bloggers, and share others experiences too. This may take time, significant time. I might be out of the AF before that possibility unfolds. In any case this blog is for me. must not be easily offended to read my blog. I WILL say things you disagree with but I want to hear from you anyways. If you are my friend comment annoynomously. That is the joy of the blogging world. You need not be known to voice your opinions, questions, etc.


  1. Hi! I had commented on a thread at cinchouse and you responded and posted your blog link. Thank you! I look forward to following this. I am the wife that is also a 3L and was originally debating applying myself. We ended up deciding NO. I just got a job with our state supreme court for 1 year term. If hubby gets JAG (was a no for Oct, waiting on Dec.) it'll mean a several month separation, but it is a small price to pay. My hope is I'll be able to clerk or do federal work. I'm disapointed to hear that you had such little time before Top Gun went to COT and when you got your assignment. Clerkships generally hire a year in advance and I may be too late by the time we'd find out a location.

    I don't remember seeing, but do you work on base?

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this blog! I am also an LDS Law Students wife who has a million questions about the Air force JAG. When he came home with the idea of JAG, I was very apprehensive. This blog has been an answer to my prayers. You are an excellent writer and I have truly enjoyed reading about you experiences.

  3. I don't know about the excellent writer part b/c I am so busy with 3 kids I barely have time to proof read my posts! I'm glad I could help in any way.